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In recent years, payday loans have received a significant amount of media attention, much of it negative. These small personal loans have been criticized for their high interest rates, which have the potential to contribute to long-term debt. Some critics claim that payday advances are “predatory” because of their high APRs, especially […]

Payday Loans: Resources for Underbanked Consumers

BBB warns consumers to be wary when applying for payday or car title loans Better Business Bureau is warning consumers looking for payday or car title loans to research a company or website’s reputation and read all the fine print before giving your personal information or signing any agreements. This […]

Fast cash may end up costing consumers

New research shows that young people are more likely to use payday loans than anyone else. The group conducting the study, Citizen’s Advice, estimated that this was because young people carry most of the debt burden in the UK and around the world. They have to pay for student loans, […]

Youth Are Most Likely to Use Payday Loans

Payday loans are often criticized for their high interest rates. However, these small personal loans are an affordable option for people who are unable to take advantage of mainstream bank loans. Most people who use payday advances are successful at sticking to a budget and managing their finances, but unexpected […]

High Interest Rates of Payday Loans Explained

A payday loan is also often called a cash advance loan. This is a short-term loan usually of a small amount intended to temporarily cover emergencies. Often people will take a payday loan to pay a bill to avoid late fees and bad reports onto their credit history. When taking […]

How to Find the Best Payday Loan