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There are many ways to finance unexpected expenses or get through times when you’re running short on cash. The advantages of using Lending Club over credit cards in these situations have been covered quite extensively. Another alternative, the payday loan, is one that we hope you avoid. A payday loan […]

Payday Loans Exposed

Although payday loans are a type of credit that most borrowers should avoid, there are some cases in which this type of loan is actually less costly than other alternatives. Below are a few circumstances in which taking out a payday loan is the better choice. 1. A Payday Loan […]

3 Times Payday Loans Make Sense

I listened over breakfast tostrange interview with George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, with an incredulous Evan Davies about payday loan companies. Davies was incredulous because an ostensibly free market Chancellor has prejudged his own process to decide to cap the charges and interest rates Wonga and their like can charge. […]

Why the government acted on payday loans